We are on Polygon!

We are on Polygon!! 🚀🚀🚀

MARTE token has been mapped on Polygon-Mainnet, so we’ve bridged 6.25% of the supply, as our DAO decided in the latest voting.

From now, we will hold our Snapshot proposals on Polygon. Check it out!

Also, we will use this network on Wonder to manage our team tasks. Follow this invitaton!

Do you want to bridge your $MARTE from Roll to a Polygon wallet? We will tell you how very soon!

These are the official addresses of Marte token:



Contract address: 0x78a0eE7ad08E2C746518387BeA867BE0199514B8
Smart contract (Etherscan)
Token tracker (Etherscan)
MARTE-ETH pool (Uniswap)
Trade MARTE (UniiSwap)



Contract address: 0xE22B7F6344a22cfAC72632cf55B5abaFeF84aF71
Smart contract (Polygonscan)
Token tracker (Polygonscan)
MARTE-MATIC pool (Coming soon)
Trade MARTE (Coming soon)