Snapshot proposal #5 – What is the best metaverse for The MARTE Project headquarters?

We conceived The MARTE Project as a venture that seeks to integrate the traditional art market with the new digital art and crypto art. To archive this goal, we consider it essential to run physical exhibitions at major art shows around the world. But we also believe that we should have a headquarters in a metaverse where we can hold our community meetings, exhibitions of community members and other events. We want to know the opinion of the DAO about which is the metaverse that best suits the project, the one that you like or use the most, or just what is your favorite.



It is the oldest metaverse in the space and the most decentralized option. It is governed by the community through the Decentraland DAO.
It is a metaverse divided into a grid. Every coordinate is called LAND. There’s a limited supply of 90,000 LAND.
Decentraland has over 600M active monthly users.


The SandBox

It is a metaverse divided into a grid. All the lands have the same size. There is a limited supply of 166,464 parcels lands. While Decentraland looks more realistic, The Sandbox looks more blocky or Minecraft style.



It is a metaverse divided in different plots and islands. The size of the lands is variable. The team is always generating new islands and parcels as a way to fund the project.


Somnium Space

It is a metaverse divided in different plots along a map with some islands too. Every plot has different size and limitations. Somnium Space has 5,026 land parcels unevenly divided in different plots along a pre-generated map. The team is releasing new land once in a while.

Start date: June 4, 2022, 16:00 UTC
End date: June 7, 2022, 16:00 UTC


Decentralnd: 6 votes – 20k MARTE voting power.
The Sandbox: 0 votes.
Somnium Space: 0 votes.
Meta xD: 0 votes.

POAPs are already available to claim on the proposal page.
Thanks for your participation!