Martians on Marte Arena

Thanks to our partners and Roll, Martians on Marte arena is on fire! 🔥🔥🔥

Get your card signed from 50MEM and play to earn $MEM, 1500 $MARTE and original NFTs 🚀

Sharing the official announcement of our partners

Our newest collab with Roll is here!

The ‘Martians on Marte’ opens in 24 hours on
Earn $MEM, $MARTE and art from Pako Campo.

Professionally trained as an artist in Spain since eight, Pako Campo recognized blockchain as a medium for his art in 2020 and has launched his social token $MARTE on Roll this year!

The main piece of his acrylic masterpiece Cityscapes paintings is ‘#NovaY’, which will be an award in the Martians on Marte arena.
Add your Pako Campo, Mars and alien cards to the arena, or just vote for your favourites!

Founder of The MARTE Project, Pako Campo is live with his pixel CyberMartians project bringing new collectors to his art.

CyberMartian #3 is an additional award in the upcoming arena!

With three pieces of his art, including ‘Ominous’, as awards in the Martians on Marte arena… the reach of Pako Campo is growing in new and innovative ways.

To get familiar with his work and happenings, visit his beautiful website at