Introducing $MARTE, the currency of mARTians

MARTE was created not only for the purpose of rewarding the fans of the artist but also to make the cryptocurrencies known to the traditional art world. Pako Campo’s fans can already redeem their tokens in exchange for his art using MARTE. Those who already hold MARTE also have the opportunity as an artist to redeem a spot for major physical art exhibitions (more info will be given in the near future.)

We’re also planning regularly to buy NFT’s, which will be on sale for MARTE at OpenSea. All those NFT’s bought with MARTE (and not only) will be sent to the MARTE vault, with a similar mechanism of other social tokens such as WHALE or SKULL. Our purpose with that is to reward artists who use MARTE as a currency to sell their NFT’s, but that also helps MARTE because the NFT’s bought will back-up the token.

Liquidity mining

After liquidity pool is created on Uniswap, there will be rewards for anyone adding MARTE/ETH to the pool, known as liquidity mining. A further announcement will take place when it’s about to begin.


Our community will be an active part in making decisions such as: new artworks to release, future exhibitions to participate and other decisions regarding the project.

Know more

More info and announcements will come in the near future. This article was created in order to give an idea to our community about what is to come for MARTE. We are working in creating a roadmap which will explain with detail our plans for the future. Furthermore, you will find links where you can get in touch with Pako or find more information about the token.

MARTE: Website ■ Roll ■ Etherscan ■ Discord

Pako Campo: Website ■ Twitter ■ Odysee ■ Rarible ■ OpenSea ■ Instagram ■ BitClout ■ Vimeo ■ LinkedIn