How to mint CyberMartians

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CyberMartians is a collection of 10,000 NFTs mintable on Ethereum network.
NFTs are minted on the Ethereum mainnet as ERC-721 tokens. They have a starting price of 0.01 ETH each, and can be minted directly from the smart contract.

The collection is inspired by the pixel art of the original CryptoPunks, mixed with the aesthetics of 90’s video games. It has influences from emoji culture and psychedelic art, and pays homage to pop culture, films and TV.

Every CyberMartian is randomly formed with 8 attribute layers. Each layer has between 2 and 30 traits with different rarity. All layers are visible on every NFT.

Here is how your CyberMartian may look, but of course some differences will apply since all of them are 100% unique, as mentioned above 8 different layers made 10,000 CyberMartians unique and different from each other.

Here are all the rarities of the MARTIANS:

Keep in mind that, rarities added are also randomly generated so this means that, a CyberMartian who has omega could be found on mint number #4854 or #5 for example.

Sounds cool, how do I mint my CyberMartian?

There is currently one way to mint your own CyberMartian, kinda complicated for some people but this article will totally explain how.

First of all all you have to do is go to our smart contract, press here to redirect.

Then you got to click on ‘2. mint’, after you do that a smart contract function will expand as shown below.

On payableAmount (ether) you have to write the amount of ETH you will use to mint your MARTIANS, current mint price for them is 0.01 ETH each.

On _mintAmount (unit256) you have to write how many of them will be minted, so if we choose to mint just one we have to write this. You can mint up to 5 on each transaction.

After you do that, click on Write.

Metamask transaction will pop out if you connected your wallet and it will ask you to proceed the transaction, don’t forget that gas fees also apply to the minter of the NFT (ERC-721).

After your transaction is confirmed, the CyberMartian will appear in your NFT collection.
To know how rare your CyberMartian is and what rarities does he have, you can just click on the NFT and find the properties.

That’s basically it, you can now flex your CyberMartian to your friends, set it as you profile picture on Social Media etc. 🙂

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