10,000 unique NFT collectibles — CyberMartians

As stated in a previous post we have created a new collection called ‘CyberMartians’, the basic layers of all the NFTs were designed by Pako Campo a contemporary fine artist based in Spain.

We are creating a new post regarding CyberMartians to announce that we created our minting dapp so anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable messing with smart contracts mint in an easy way.

Everyone is now able to mint for him self a CyberMartian for 0.01 ETH (+gas fees) each via our minting dapp , keep in mind that you are only able to mint up to 5 CyberMartians on each transaction.

CyberMartians is a collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on Ethereum. Each one is 100% unique and has its own traits.

NFTs are minted on the Ethereum mainnet as ERC-721 tokens. They have a starting price of 0.01 ETH each and can minted directly from the smart contract.

The collection is inspired by the pixel art of the original CryptoPunks, mixed with the aesthetics of 90’s video games. It has influences from emoji culture and psychedelic art, and pays homage to pop culture, films and TV.

It’s a new style within the NFT collections, since it’s pixel art… but it’s not pixel art! They are simple 2D drawings with flat colors, but with a ton of possible combinations.

Each CyberMartian is randomly formed with 8 attribute layers. Each layer has between 2 and 30 traits with different rarity. All layers are visible on every NFT.

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