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The MARTE Project

Decentralized community art project

We blend crypto art...
...with traditional art market.
By Artists...
...for artists all over the world... modernize and revitalize the art world.

“For many years, I have been a player in the traditional art market all over the world. I have seen how closed and elitist it is and the radical change it must face to survive. That plot twist is crypto art!! They are divergent atmospheres but their fate is to understand each other. The intention with this project is to create bridges. between both fields, and bring crypto art to a universe of international art shows, fairs and spaces where this microcosm is almost unknown. I want my collectors to meet my fellow crypto artists from the Marte Community and I want artists to be able to access this very restricted world and transform it from the inside.”

MARTE token is the base for the creation of the first decentralized autonomous artistic organization: a community of artists, collectors, art lovers and curious minds willing to share their knowledge and experience in an open way, as well as to participate in different activities that will be organized for the members. We conceive this community as a democratic and proactive group that will collaborate making crucial decisions for its future. Votings will take place in the MARTE Snapshot space.

Elements of the structure of the decentralized project

MARTE token

$MARTE token

MARTE is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 10,000,000.00 tokens

Marte DAO

Marte DAO

The project is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization

Marte Dome

Marte Dome

MARTE Dome is part of the backing of MARTE token. New NFT's will be added over time

Marte on the Road

Marte on the Road

Organization of physical exhibitions of NTFs within the art market circuits

Martian Community

Martian Community

The life core of the MARTE Community is the Discord chat server



Staking MARTE/ETH Liquidity Pool tokens will give you access to the best art shows

Marte on the Road consists of participation in major art fairs worldwide such as Art Basel, ARCO Madrid or The Armory Show.

NFT Fest, an annual event where exclusively tokenized artworks will be exhibited.

Marte Dome, a vault of NFTs that will grow over time and that with its value contributes to the support of the token’s price.

And the perfect place to coordinate all these actions is our Discord server.

Be featured


Marte Dome is an NFT vault , we decided to launch an NFT vault for MARTE not only to back-up token price but also to reward artists that want to sell their work for MARTE. Not only creations that are listed for MARTE will be added to the dome but it is our priority.

MARTE will have elections of artists for patronage , this will give artists a chance to participate in future art exhibitions.

To be able to vote you will need to join , the more tokens you own the more voting power you have.

Currently MARTE is listed only on Uniswap. You can buy MARTE by clicking HERE

Yes, we will participate in physical & metaverse art exhibitions.